The Challenge includes trails in Bath, Brunswick, Georgetown, Harpswell, Phippsburg, Topsham, West Bath, Westport Island and Woolwich, Maine.

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TownTrail/preserve nameOrganizationFor more informationDistance (in miles)Scenic viewAccessible for wheelchair or strollerGood in winterDogs allowedBikes allowedOther features 
BathLilly Pond Community ForestKennebec Estuary Land Trust
BathSewall Woods PreserveKennebec Estuary Land Trust
BathThorne Head PreserveKennebec Estuary Land Trust, interpretive signs
BathWhiskeag TrailKennebec Estuary Land Trust/Bath Trails
BrunswickAndroscoggin River Bicycle PathTown of Brunswick
BrunswickBay Bridge Landing Wetland ParkTown of Brunswick boat launch, interpretive signage
BrunswickChase ReserveBrunswick-Topsham Land Trust wildlife viewing
BrunswickCox PinnacleTown of Brunswick
BrunswickCrystal Spring FarmBrunswick-Topsham Land Trust
BrunswickGreater Commons & Town CommonsTown of Brunswick
BrunswickMaquoit Bay Conservation LandTown of Brunswick
BrunswickSkolfield PreserveBrunswick-Topsham Land Trust harvest access
GeorgetownHiggins Mountain PreserveKennebec Estuary Land Trust
GeorgetownMorse Pond PreserveKennebec Estuary Land Trust
GeorgetownWeber Kelly PreserveKennebec Estuary Land Trust
HarpswellCliff TrailTown of Harpswell
HarpswellCurtis Farm PreserveHarpswell Heritage Land Trust picnic area on Basin Cove, birding
HarpswellDevil's Back Trail AreaTown of Harpswell
HarpswellGiant's Stairs Trail and McIntosh Lot PreserveTown of Harpswell/Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
HarpswellHackett and Minot TrailsHarpswell Heritage Land Trust
HarpswellHoughton Graves ParkHarpswell Heritage Land Trust tables
HarpswellJohnson Field Preserve at Mackerel Cove and Mackerel Cove Town LotHarpswell Heritage Land Trust/Town of Harpswell tables, swimming
HarpswellLong Reach PreserveHarpswell Heritage Land Trust
HarpswellMitchell FieldTown of Harpswell tables, swimming, bandstand, community garden
HarpswellOtter Brook PreserveHarpswell Heritage Land Trust
HarpswellPott's Point PreserveHarpswell Heritage Land Trust
HarpswellSkolfield Shores PreserveHarpswell Heritage Land Trust
HarpswellStover's Point PreserveHarpswell Heritage Land Trust, hand-carry boat access
HarpswellWidgeon Cove TrailHarpswell Heritage Land Trust
HarpswellWilson's Cove TrailHarpswell Heritage Land Trust
PhippsburgBijhouwer PreservePhippsburg Land Trust, waterfall
PhippsburgBill Jayne Trail at Small Point PreservePhippsburg Land Trust
PhippsburgCenter Pond PreservePhippsburg Land Trust
PhippsburgDenny Reed TrailThe Nature Conservancy
PhippsburgGamble Preserve at West PointPhippsburg Land Trust
PhippsburgGreenleaf EasementPhippsburg Land Trust
PhippsburgMary's Woods at Cutting CreekPhippsburg Land Trust
PhippsburgMcDonald SanctuaryPhippsburg Land Trust
PhippsburgMorse Mountain TrailBates/Morse Mountain
PhippsburgNoble Hill PreservePhippsburg Land Trust
PhippsburgRidgewell Preserve and Town ForestPhippsburg Land Trust/Town of Phippsburg features, pitch pine forest
PhippsburgSpirit Pond Preserve and McDonald SanctuaryState of Maine/Phippsburg Land Trust Dam remnants, old homestead areas
PhippsburgSprague Pond Loop TrailPhippsburg Land Trust/The Nature Conservancy
PhippsburgWilbur Preserve at Cox's HeadPhippsburg Land Trust
TopshamBridge to Bridge TrailTown of Topsham{6FDE85AD-7CC8-47B7-ACFA-AB99C1BE2C08}0.8yesyesyesyesyes
TopshamMt. Ararat High School TrailsTown of Topsham{DCDE517A-E24E-4555-8D6F-2764064960F7}yesnoyesyesyes
TopshamRecreation Fields TrailsTown of Topsham{C1A71FB6-0748-46EE-94B3-181AE4F784B5}2.0yesnoyesyesnoPicnic tables, playground
TopshamTopsham Public Library Eagle PathTown of Topsham{AB2E4DAF-79C8-4734-BE24-8F16B273320C}0.5yesnoyesyesno
TopshamTransfer Station TrailsTown of Topsham{A902026E-A6BA-4D2B-8643-E589CE36D9D6}nonoyesyesyes
TopshamBradley Pond Farm PreserveBrunswick-Topsham Land Trust
TopshamCathance River Nature PreserveBrunswick-Topsham Land Trust
TopshamCathance River Trail at Head of Tide ParkBrunswick-Topsham Land Trust
TopshamRiver Landing Trail (not on map - maybe called Town Landing Trail?)Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust/Town of Topsham1.0yesnonoyesno
West BathGreen Point PreserveKennebec Estuary Land Trust
Westport IslandBonyun PreserveKennebec Estuary Land Trust, interpretive signs
Westport IslandCarl & Barbara Segerstrom Preserve at Squam CreekKennebec Estuary Land Trust
WoolwichMerrymeeting Fields PreserveKennebec Estuary Land Trust, interpretive signs